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The Roaring Twenties Inspires Breast Cancer Research


Promotional Poster Promotional Poster

When I was in sixth grade, I was in a school play about the 1920’s. I recall learning about this decade in the eyes of a flapper, as that was my part in the play. My mom made a beautiful dress for me, full of fringe, as I learned some “new-old” dance moves for the play. Even at the age of 11 as I played the part of a flapper, I felt the empowerment, the inspiration to dance and have fun, to live and be free.

The 1920’s is regarded as a break from tradition and a flirtatious and romantic decade of modern living. People began to feel liberated (especially women) and new trends in fashion and beauty were inspired on the movie screens or jazz clubs. Consumer demand inspired modern technology and inventions.

Fast-forward to the 1990’s when breast cancer research and awareness began to make an…

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Welcome. It’s A Great Day at Aveda.


Walk into any Aveda Experience Center (aka retail store) and you’ll be kindly greeted by an Aveda Advisor proudly saying “welcome to Aveda” accompanied by a cup of warm Aveda Comforting Tea. The aroma of 25 pure plant and flower essences (#smellsLikeAveda) will wrap around your mind, body and soul like a warm blanket. Like an enchanting spell, it’s as if you’ve been lightly lifted off your feet as you float around admiring the latest in Ayurvedic-inspired beauty products.

“It’s a great day at Aveda” has become a tagline sentiment of those who live the Aveda lifestyle. From the moment I first experienced the Aveda difference, I was smitten. I didn’t know it then, (nearly 20 years ago as pre-teen just beginning my exploration of the world of beauty) but Aveda was about to change my life. With a bottle of Shampure Shampoo in hand, I knew there was something…

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The Roaring 20’s: Inspire Greatness Hair and Makeup Shows to Benefit Breast Cancer Research

Every October, we join in the fight against breast cancer by fundraising for cruelty-free research through the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. You can join us at our upcoming hair and makeup shows! Proceeds all go to the cause! Check out the posters for details.



*Correction: Provo address is 210 N University IMG_0616.PNG

It’s a Hard Lesson for Us Hairstylists

My Life As A Hairstylist


You’ve heard it before and it’s a wonderful ego stroke; your clients praising your genius and telling you they will follow you to the ends of the Earth.

“I can’t live without you, I will follow you anywhere.”
“Nobody has ever done my hair as well as you.”
“I need you to come live with me and do this every morning.”

And then suddenly you realize it’s been months since her last visit and she isn’t booked for anything upcoming. You stalk her Facebook page and see she doesn’t have roots. Maybe she even unfriended you.

You did her wedding hair, you were with her through the tough times, supported her through the break-ups, did her baby’s first haircut. You were a part of all her major milestones. She was more than just a client. What happened?

There are a lot of reasons clients move on. And it is usually…

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The Aveda Mission Seen Around the World

The Aveda Mission Seen Around the World

The Aveda Mission Statement: Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.

Princess Merida Makeover

Princess Merida Makeover

Aveda Institute Denver Students, Brittany Bloom and Maria Ritter, helped The Make a Wish Foundation and Disney on Ice make some dreams come true for two special little girls. Charlotte, age 4 and Eloiza, age 13 both got to be a Princess for a Day and get a makeover to be like their favorite Disney Princess, Merida from Disney’s animated film Brave.

14 Reasons Black Is The Only Color Worth Wearing

Here at the Inspire Greatness Institutes the dress code is ALL BLACK. So when a co-worker found this article and shared it with the team, I had to share it on the blog as well. Hopefully it can give you a good laugh!

Grace Coddington does it. Joan Rivers does it. Mary-Kate and Ashley do it. Johnny Cash swore by it.

So really, is there any reason to not wear all black?

We don’t think so. Head-to-toe black is the easiest, chicest, most foolproof way to get dressed… and it’s actually cool. Black leather jackets, black pants, black shirts and black shoes are never out of style, and you really can’t run into a serious style faux pas while wearing any of them. Plus, it’s the telling style signature of New York City.

If that’s not a sign all-black is a winning fashion decision, we don’t know what is. Herewith, 14 reasons that black is really the only color worth wearing.

It means never worrying about matching.

matching black

It camouflages any stains.

linda on lookbook

It can be layered endlessly.

black layers

It flatters every skin tone.

wearing black

It can make anyone look mature.

wear black

It allows you to go wild with accessories.

wear black

It works for every season.

maddy c in black

It’s figure-flattering.

wear black

It helps you blend in (if you want to, that is).

all black

It masks whether your clothes are expensive or cheap.

wear black

It lets you experiment with crazy fabrics. (Crushed velvet, anyone?)

crushed velvet

It always looks kind of dressed up.

wear black

It never goes out of style.

sheer black dress

It’s what “fashion people” wear.

anna and grace in black



Salon Today Top 200!

Salon Today

Congratulations to the Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes! There are nearly 400k salon and spas in the United States. We were chosen as part of the Elite 200!!! We could not have achieved this without world-class future professionals, team members, guests, vendors and of course the leadership direction of AVEDA!!!  

Green tip of the day

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 2.08.41 PM

It’s getting a little chilly outside, and many people think that letting their cars idle will help “get their engine running” but in all actuality driving is a much more efficient way to warm your car up then letting it idle. If you often idle in fear that restarting your engine wastes more gas then I am here to bust yet another idling myth, idling for 10 seconds uses more fuel  than restarting your engine. By stopping idling for just 10 minutes you are saving 1 pound of carbon dioxide from being released into the air(the primary contributor to global warming).

The key to using a masque at home

deep cleansing herbal clay masque

Using a masque in-between facials is a beautiful thing, it will help keep your skin clear and glowing! For years I’ve used masques without seeing a ton of results, until I discovered the wonders of steam. The steamers estheticians use are amazing but lets get serious not all of us have one of those lying around, you can get the same benefits by just letting your bathroom get all steamy. This allows your pores to open up and receive all the benefits that your favorite masque has to offer(deep cleansing herbal clay masque I’m sure) As always finish with a good moisturizer and you are good to go until you get your next purescription from your lovely esthetician.