The Roaring Twenties Inspires Breast Cancer Research


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When I was in sixth grade, I was in a school play about the 1920’s. I recall learning about this decade in the eyes of a flapper, as that was my part in the play. My mom made a beautiful dress for me, full of fringe, as I learned some “new-old” dance moves for the play. Even at the age of 11 as I played the part of a flapper, I felt the empowerment, the inspiration to dance and have fun, to live and be free.

The 1920’s is regarded as a break from tradition and a flirtatious and romantic decade of modern living. People began to feel liberated (especially women) and new trends in fashion and beauty were inspired on the movie screens or jazz clubs. Consumer demand inspired modern technology and inventions.

Fast-forward to the 1990’s when breast cancer research and awareness began to make an…

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